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Cognitalis' technology platform combines the disciplines of chemistry and biology with the proprietary Virtual High Throughput Screening technology. This technology has transferred the principle of traditional High Throughput Screening from the laboratory to the computer, allowing the prediction of biological activities and physicochemical properties of existing or virtual compounds.

Using Cognitalis' technology platform, a database of commercially available or customer-supplied proprietary compounds is screened, resulting in a ranking list that arranges the molecules according to their predicted biological activity. This screening process is streamlined through the continuously improved algorithms and tailor-made massive parallel supercomputing techniques utilised by Cognitalis, resulting in increased screening speeds.


Cognitalis' in silico ADMET tools are applied to filter out molecules with undesired solubility, pharmacokinetics or toxicity. Cognitalis' technology platform is used to build up a ranking list from which only the top 10 to 30 molecules will be synthesised, tested in vitro and, if active, subjected to comprehensive ADMET evaluations. By iteratively repeating this cycle, Cognitalis eventually obtains a series of candidate molecules suited for further preclinical and clinical development.


The integrated, multidisciplinary technology platform enables Cognitalis to optimise the drug discovery and development process leading to remarkable savings in cost and time.


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COGNITALIS is a drug design - drug discovery company focused on discovery and development of novel targeted medicines for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer.