We can Help you to Hit your Target

Whether you are looking for simple, short-term support for a particular project or long-term collaborative research project, Cognitalis' team will work closely with you to provide an efficient, flexible and objective-driven solution that precisely meets your needs and budgets.

Ligand-based drug design - if you have ligands for your target we can construct models of the target binding-site and design new scaffolds to interact with those models.

Fragment-based drug design - if you have small, weak affinity compounds that bind to the target we can use them as starting points for drug design.

Focused libraries - if you have selected a specific target or class of targets, we will design scaffolds guided by your chemical synthesis expertise.


Cognitalis' technology offers the following advantages to drug developers:

lower cost - In silico design reduces wasted effort in synthesis and maximises the data obtained from experimental assays.

rapid - Rapidly perform Virtual High Throughput Screening on existing or virtual chemistry libraries.

relevant - Predictive models directly from Partner's data, focused to the particular chemistry series of interest.


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COGNITALIS is a drug design - drug discovery company focused on discovery and development of novel targeted medicines for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer.