We can Help you to Hit your Target

Cognitalis is open to a variety of commercial arrangements, but typically a Drug Discovery Partnership would be structured to include:

» An upfront Technology Access Fee
» FTE costs of our drug design team
» Milestone-based Success Fees

We do not normally ask for royalties on your product.

Typically, the elapsed time from signing a contract to delivery of chemical scaffold designs is less than three months.

The collaboration partner would be responsible for synthesis and testing. Cognitalis has the contacts to outsource compound synthesis and in vitro ADME screening if desired.


To discuss your requirements contact our European offices.

Godofredo Ros, 5 - 17
Valencia, Spain

Tel: +34 655 512 648
Fax: +34 963 748 903



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COGNITALIS is a drug design - drug discovery company focused on discovery and development of novel targeted medicines for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer.