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COGNITALIS is a drug design - drug discovery company providing cost-effective and efficient hit-to-lead, lead optimization, virtual screening and related services to the pharmaceutical industry.

The purpose is to optimize the molecules or compounds that demonstrate the potential to be transformed into drugs, increasing the potency and specificity, improving the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) and diminishing the toxicity.


Cognitalis is a drug discovery company that derives its competitive advantage from addressing critical medical needs through its unique pharmacoinformatics based technological platform. By integrating its proprietary Virtual High Throughput Screening technology into a research process that comprises biology, parallel synthetic chemistry and advanced medicinal chemistry, Cognitalis is able to reduce time and cost of the drug discovery process, while at the same time increasing success rates.

"In the highly competitive world of Drug Discovery,
there are no prizes for coming second"


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COGNITALIS is a drug design - drug discovery company focused on discovery and development of novel targeted medicines for the treatment of infectious diseases and cancer.